Friday, April 1, 2016

The Seven Chakra's, Meditation Room Decor with Color Burst

Creative Team member Diana Hetherington has created another project for her Meditation Room, it represents the Seven Chakra's, here is Diana to tell you more...

Diana says:

I am here to share with you a very quick and easy banner to create for any occasion! I have made mine to hang in my new room downstairs ... if it ever gets finished!!!

so to begin my project I decided to use the ATC cards as i absolutely love the weight of them when creating with color burst! I painted on the colour that corresponds to the chakras. I then cut out 7 circles from the ATC cards.

As I had already printed out the 7 chakra symbols I wanted to be sure that they would stick to the circles I used Stick it.  I just pressed the symbol onto the sheet and cut out and then pressed into the centre of my circles. it was so easy and no glue stuck to my fingers!! loved it!!

I then traced around each after they were stuck with a black udi pen.

I then used my liquid metals and applying using a paint brush to the cardboard. Once dry I sewed the edges as well as strung them together, here you have it.. I plan on using this as a sign to 'do not disturb' when I am downstairs meditating!!


  1. very creative! but these chakra's have different energies as far as i know. there are proper instruction for it. people say these invisible energies helps body and soul spiritually and bring positive vibes.

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