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Thank you for your interest in Color Burst and products from Ken Oliver Crafts. My products are available through manufacturer's representatives and distributors listed below.

 Notions Marketing

Phone: 800-748-0250

Email: contact@notionsmarketing.com
Website: http://store.notionsmarketing.com/

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Contact John Cox

Phone: 602-300-4382



Treasure Mart 

12300 Horseshoe Way 
Unit 113 Richmond, BC V7A 4Z1
Phone (too-free) 800-933-5212
Phone 604-272-5212
Fax 604-275-0701
Email sales@treasuremart.net


  1. Hi Ken.. I was looking at you site.. Would you sponsor me some of your art water colors.. I want to start my new u tube channel with your products.. Heres my Email address janicet917@gmail.com please contact me

  2. Hi Ken,
    I received my Lilac online class kit. Has the class already taken place. If so, can I get to it. I am anxious to work with your products. Thank you. Paula Barclay. pbarclay18@gmail.com

  3. Hi Ken,
    Is there any chance you'll be getting in anymore of the Lilac Stencils? The kits were sold out before I could purchase one. I would even purchase
    just the stencil if you have them. Thanks. Pat Salhoff psalhoff@gmail.com

  4. Ken,
    I purchased the Lilac online class kit but, I can't find where to find the class. Can you email me the link at mrkvac@calvertnet.k12.md.us. Thanks!

  5. Ken - I'm having the same issue as CheriMrkva in the above comment. I have the kit, but I can't find any instructions or video associated with the items. Please send a link to ajcrawford64@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  6. Hi Ken,
    I missed the class. can you tell me where to find the video?

    Cyndie Weiss

  7. I purchased the Under the Sea kit. I missed the video and was wondering where I can find it. Thank you.

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