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Product Videos

 Hey everybody, I wanted to share some demo videos of some of the cool products from Ken Oliver Crafts.  These videos offer techniques and some step by step instructions on using Stick It, Color Burst and other tools and supplies from my product range.  Please feel free to ask any questions about the techniques or products.

Color Burst Spritz and Sprinkle Techniques

Stitched Watercolor Card with Liquid Metals

Color Burst Rich Moroccan Shades

The Roll Away
Clean those pesky bits of paper out of your dies with The Roll Away!

Stick It Adhesive 
The adhesive specially formulated for intricate dies and die cutting techniques.

Click It Ink Pads
...the best micro-mini ink pad you'll ever use.  You are going to love the versatility and portability of this powerful little ink pad.

 Color Burst
...it's as easy as Spritz and Sprinkle.

The Best Ever Craft Mat
It really is the best craft mat EVER!  It's heat resistant to 480 degrees! It's skid proof...it stays put on your table and your work won't slide around on your work surface.  It's water proof and water resistant...so it's perfect for all wet mediums.  It cleans up in a snap.  And, it's wrinkle proof and crease proof!  You are going to LOVE The Best Ever Craft Mat!

Color Burst Watercolor Technique with Embossing Powder
Here's a Color Burst technique you'll want to try.  Create a watercolor resist using watermark ink, a stamp, and embossing powder.  The embossing powder creates a barrier between the paint and the paper leaving a crisp stamped image as you watercolor over it. The look is really cool and it's a technique you can use for cardmaking, scrapbook layouts or in mixed media art.



  1. Love the resist technique with the Color Burst! In the previous video, I was so excited to see that you came out with a wrinkle proof, slip proof craft mat!!! I am so tired of mine from another brand rolling up along the corners and sliding all over the place and it does not even lay flat anymore. Great, Great, Great!!! -Stacy

  2. I would like to know if these colors are light fast? Thanks.

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