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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Art at the Edge Map...Was I Ever Surprised!

Art at the Edge is October 25th, and there's still lots of time to sign up...but I'd been noticing that the sign ups were rolling in daily, so I decided to put everybody on a map, just to see what that looks like...
at this point, we have people signed up from 11 states, and from as far away as Florida and Minnesota!  I'm really excited to get to share a day of art with everyone who is coming and happy to share my new hometown, Newburgh Indiana...

Our local merchants are planning some awesome deals for out of town visitors and are really excited that we'll have so many guests in Newburgh for the weekend.

There's still time to sign up for Art at the Edge, although there are only a handful of seats left. 

You can click on the link here, or on the banner over in the side bar to reserve your seat. 
And, if you're going to be in town for the weekend, I've added an additional class, ICE at the Edge! It's a workshop where you'll learn techniques using ICE Resin.  It's a separate workshop and I promise you it will be lots of fun, and you'll create 4 beautiful resin pendants that you can keep for yourself or give as gifts. 
Our venue for both events is Newburgh's Edgewater Grill...our room has inspiring panoramic water views...
And their food is amazing...
If you haven't signed up yet, I hope you'll consider joining us down by the river for a couple days creating some great art! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Prima Marketing Flowers at Art at the Edge SWAG ALERT!

You know if it's from Prima Marketing Inc...it's gotta be good!  That's why I am really excited to let you know...
That Prima Marketing Inc. is sponsoring an "out of this world" SWAG Bag for attendees at Art at the Edge. 

That's why if you haven't signed up...you need to...you are going to love the products their throwing in to make your experience at Art at the Edge like no other! 

You can still reserve your seat by clicking on the link here...

I'm planning two wonderful Prima classes for everyone at Art at the Edge...and this Swag Bag from Prima just puts it over the top! 
(The products pictured are a representation of the goodies that will be in your swag bag and shown as examples only).  You know if it's Prima, it's going to be good and I know you will be thrilled!
I really hope to see you at Art at the Edge...click here for more details!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Art at the Edge and the Country Gentleman

Hey, this is really cool...if you're coming to Art at the Edge, you'll enjoy a weekend of extra discounts at Newburgh's Country Gentleman Antiques Shop!
The Country Gentleman has been a shopping destination in old Newburgh since 1983 and is housed in one of Newburgh's most recognized landmarks at the corner of Jennings and State Streets.  Built in 1841 as the Exchange Hotel.  The place was modeled after architectural plans brought to our town from Germany and has brick walls that are 27" thick. 

During it's 173 year life, the building, some locals still call the hotel, has served as a hotel, an armory and hospital during the Civil War, and later was the first department store in the county, selling furniture, clothing, household supplies and dry goods...the place has an amazing history. 

The Country Gentleman and shop proprietor, Scott Lauderdale,  has extended a very special discount for everyone attending Art at the Edge...if you spend over $20.00, you'll receive 25% off your total bill...it's a great deal and I am sure you'll find lot's of treasures to take home with you to help you remember the time you've spent in our quaint little town.
The Country Gentleman is always brimming with amazing pieces that you are going to love!
Whether it's antique dishware, lamps and lighting, primitive furniture, cupboards, or vintage Christmas decorations, the place is a picker's paradise! 
I've been a customer of Scott's for about 30 years...he always has the best pickin' in town!

And since he's just across the street from my new place...I can visit any time I want...I know you are going to love this place too. 

I'll just let pictures tell the rest of the story...

The place is amazing!

You can actually feel the history of the place!


What you should know as you prepare for your visit...Scott has a great selection of antique photographs, cabinet cards, antique post cards, stereoscope slides and vintage ephemera...I can spend hours looking through the piles of his incredible collection...mixed media artists...be prepared to spend some time here!

And...if you are looking for something that you don't see...ask!  More than likely Scott has it somewhere in the backroom or can get his hands on it. People from all over the Midwest bring their collections to him. He has the reputation for being one of the best, most knowledgeable, dealers in the region. 

And, when you visit, you'll meet Toby...he is the unofficial greeter at the store...
 I am so pleased to let you know that The Country Gentleman is a Merchant Partner with Art at the Edge...I know you will enjoy your experience at the shop...it's really like stepping back in time!  If you like the pics you see here...go like The Country Gentlemen's Facebook page and let him know you like what you see and that you're coming for a visit...

Now, I have to go across the street to see Scott...I called him on the phone yesterday and asked him to put a special treasure aside for me...

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope to see you at Art at the Edge in Newburgh in October! 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mixed Media Assemblage Eternal Prosperity and Happiness

This mixed media assemblage piece started as an example for an ICE Resin workshop I was teaching over the weekend at Ephemera Paducah in Paducah, Kentucky.
And as it came together, I realized the symbols I'd used in the piece were powerful Feng Shui symbols of eternal prosperity and happiness. 
It was really random at first...I used a vintage game piece with the number 88 on it. 
And I used a Chinese coin, because it was in my stash of demo pieces...I realized later that these two images were powerful symbols for Feng Shui practitioners.  In the Chinese language the sound of 8 is fatt, which means prosperity and abundance. The figure 8 represents infinity. Therefore, two eights seen together mean eternal prosperity.The 88 symbol is universally to unblock stagnate energy and to bring new energy.  88 also represents double happiness. And the game piece is red...another good symbol for Feng Shui practitioners.   It was quite random that I'd placed these pieces together.  I later realized it was kind of cool.  Chinese money, placed in the wealth center of your home is said to bring money your way...there's coin encased in the resin too.  

There are a couple gears, and a wire wrapped silk ribbon to hold the pendant. 

This piece, quite by accident, turned out so cool. 

To finish the piece, I added a #3 skeleton key.  The key is a symbol of discovering that which is hidden or secret, In this piece the key reminds us that we always have the key or the ability to unlock the secret to happiness, or prosperity... it's within us.  
All this is pretty "out there" for me...but when I stepped back and thought about the literary and Feng Shui meanings of the symbols I'd randomly put together...it seemed a very happy coincidence. 
Thank you for stopping by today...I hope you'll be inspired to make something beautiful!



Monday, August 18, 2014

Local Workshops in Evansville Indiana

 I just wanted to let everybody know, I've got a couple exciting workshops lined up this week...that are local.  I'll be teaching in Evansville on Saturday August 23rd at Mary's Scrapden

In the first workshop at 1:00pm we'll create a cool shadowbox, with positive life affirming messages like, Chase Happiness, Life is Beautiful, Stop and Smell the Roses, or Bloom Where You're Planted.

You'll have lots of choices with new papers from Prima Marketing's Forever Green collection. 

We'll create one shadowbox with 4 compartments for you to decorate.
In the process, we'll use some cool crackle glaze to age and distress the shadow boxes. 
You'll have a choice of 2 finishes...you can finish your shadow box by painting it white...or you can finish it by painting it black...either way, the distressing techniques I'll teach you will make your shadow box look like an aged little antique treasure.

Our shadowbox workshop is from 1:00-3:00pm.  I'll have all the tools, paints and adhesives you'll need to create this great little altered art project. 
Then from 4:00-7:00pm I'm teaching Techniques with ICE Resin.  In this workshop, you'll create 4 charms or bezels filled with trinkets, jewelry findings, and bits of paper.  We'll then use ICE Resin to seal your creation in a clear, glasslike setting...these bezels make beautiful pendants or bracelets...you are going to love this workshop.   

And, with the holidays soon approaching, any of the pieces you make in this workshop would be a perfect handmade gift for anyone on your list this year.

We start at 4:00pm...and I'll have lots of materials to use in the workshop.  You are encouraged to bring copies of vintage photos, scraps of handwritten letters, or any jewelry pieces or bits that you'd like to use inside your bezels. 

The pieces are stunning, I've taught this workshop in France, Germany, the U.K. Canada and all over the U.S.
Here's your chance to take the class locally with lots of one on one instruction.  It's going to be really fun. 

To sign up, call 812-474-9099 or follow this link for location and cost... http://goo.gl/UVkfYj Call to save your spot in the workshop as seats are limited. 
I hope to see you there! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Art at the Edge and The Heart of Newburgh

As you might know...I decided to have a little art event right here in my hometown, Newburgh Indiana...the place is vibrant, lively and a little beautiful little artsy mecca in Southern Indiana on the banks of the Ohio River.  Now, since I've invited you to Art at the Edge...I want to make sure we have fun things to do while you are in Newburgh...so, I'd like to introduce you to one of our merchant partners, The Heart of Newburgh.

The Heart of Newburgh has been in town since 1982, and it was first opened as a decorative paint studio where the owner Becky Geis, offered decorative painting and tole painting classes.  The place is extra special to me since it started as an art studio.  Over time, the retail part of Becky's business grew and evolved.  Now she offers jewelry, amazing primatives, she's a destination Vera Bradley store in the Midwest...and she's also know for her incredible antique finds...it's not just one building...it's two houses and an old garage turned junk pickers heaven!  Becky's eye for the simple, the elegant, and the eclectic will thrill you!  She is an amazing designer and an incredible retailer.   

 The Heart of Newburgh is a feast for the eyes!

There's something new and enticing at every turn!

And there's no question that Becky is an artist...do you see the pad of Strathmore water color paper tucked into the vignette below?  

 Her designing skills aren't limited to interior spaces...Her work in the garden is incredible. She has a knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.  You'll find washtubs, chicken feeders, toolboxes, old teacups, wagons, pots, pans, colanders, all transformed into wonderfully whimsical planters filled with hen and chicks, black eyed susans, annuals, succulents and moss...her garden creations are inspiring!

And, The Heart of Newburgh is a picker's paradise. You're likely to find old typewriters, antique sleds, antique dishes, picture frames, vintage window frames, mason jars, antique pans, Antique pie safes, Antique Hoosiers, screen doors, there's just more than I could ever list out in this blog post.

So I should just let the pictures tell the story...

Believe me...I am taking some of these sleds home for my Christmas d├ęcor!

There are as many fun treats outside as inside!

If you like Vera Bradley, The Heart of Newburgh is the Vera Bradley destination in our area...

Becky stocks every color and style...again, this place is a feast for the eyes!

I am really pleased to let you know that The Heart of Newburgh is one of the Merchant Partners for Art at the Edge.  Throughout the weekend of October 24-26, 2014, Becky will offer special discounts and sales especially Art at the Edge attendees.  And, we're building in a little free time during Art at the Edge to let you explore Newburgh and shop a bit...

I believe that you are going the love The Heart of Newburgh...it's become my favorite hang out since I've moved back to town...

I hope you are thinking about coming to Newburgh to join us for a day of art at Art at the Edge...if you'd like a little more information, click on the Art at the Edge banner at the side of the page.  I hope to see you there!