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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sunrise at the Cottages

A couple weeks ago, I had a crazy idea to invite a few friends over for a day of art in my new hometown, Newburgh, Indiana.  Our waterfront town, with antique shops, boutiques, and historic homes would be the perfect setting for a day of arts and crafts over looking the river. The event is called Art at the Edge...because we're going to meet right at the edge of the Ohio River. 
I knew that out-of-town guests might be looking for lodging close to the event site, and come to find out, our town has historic cottages for rent overlooking the Ohio River.  I was really happy to hear from some friends who are coming that they'd already rented one of the cottages for their stay in Newburgh.  So...
I walked up the street today to get a sunrise view from the cottages...and...WOW...what a view.  The cottages are perched on a bluff over looking the water.  They were built in the 1920's for the lockmasters who tended to the system of locks and dams on the Ohio River.  Now, the cottages belong to the city and are made available for guests and out-of-towners who are visiting Newburgh.
There are two cottages, each cottage sleeps eight...and they are very reasonable. If you are planning to attend  Art at the Edge with 2-3 friends, the cottages are perfect.  They are within walking distance of the restaurants and shops, and they sit right on the town's greenway if you like to walk or run...

Both cottage have wide front porches to let you enjoy the river view. 

And the view will be especially beautiful, Art at the Edge is October 25th, at the height of the foliage season in our region. 

 If you are considering coming to Newburgh for Art at the Edge...you'll want to look at the cottages as a place to stay while you're here...you are going to love the view!
Here's a link where you get more information about the Lockmaster Cottages.  I kinda want to go stay there myself...and I live just down the street...Hope to see you in October!


  1. Evening, How many openings do you have? It will just be me, because my two best artsy friends, have grandchildren stuff to do! I really don't like driving by myself... Have Bridget and you decided if you are coming here in September and what you will teach? Many thanks, Cindi jchoppes(at)hotmail(dot)com

  2. Hi Cindi, we're over half full...and I expect we will get a few more. Bridget and I haven't decided on a date yet...I hope to get a date set up with her soon.