Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling

This year, I'm involved in a really cool mixed media workshop...I'm teaching mixed media techniques for art journaling.  We meet once a month to learn a couple new techniques, to practice those techniques, and to share a little bit about what we've created since we last met. 

The premise is simple...let's get together and explore some new techniques using the vast array of products and tools we have at our disposal.  We started with a blank journal...

Then used stencils, spray mists, to add color and pattern to our pages...
I love this class because everyone's journal is a unique piece of personal art. 

We've even used vintage Tupperware doilies from the 60's to add some cool pattern...

Tonight we're going to work with some paints and mediums to mask out specific areas of pages we've already worked on....

We're also going to work with acrylic mediums to create interesting backgrounds...in this lesson we'll explore mixing color for energy and visual interest.

And we're going to use modeling paste to create some really cool texture with stencils...it's going to be a fun class. 

We're just getting started on our mixed media journey together...so up until now, we've been creating backgrounds and experimenting with color and texture...in a few weeks, we'll start stamping, adding collage pieces and using words as we continue our mixed media journey...
We meet once a month at Mary's Scrapden in Evansville Indiana...the class is basically full at 20 students and we're on a wait list for anyone else who wants to join in...depending upon availability...this is really a cool experience...


  1. Sounds like it is a fun class! Have a wonderful mixed media journey!

  2. The results and the colour combinations look fabulous. I found this page as I was searching for some techniques to try out.

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