Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Art at the Edge...Studio Open House and Tour

Art at the Edge was a really special time for me...It was the first time that I've ever organized an event independently and the first time that I've ever invited people from all over the world to come to my home in Newburgh, Indiana to make some crafts.  Although, our classes were held across the street from my home/loft/studio...it was the perfect opportunity to throw the doors wide open and let everyone come in to see where I live and work. 

And honestly, it gave me an excuse to sweep the floors and get the place spruced up a bit. My space is really unique in that it is an historic building with 12" thick brick walls, and some cool architectural details. A business of some kind has occupied the space since 1803...at first a livery stable, then later a theater, then a place called the Scuffletown Saloon.  Needless to say, there's a lot of local history within these walls.  

While I had people in the house, I took the opportunity to show some cool die cutting techniques with Stick It, embossing powders, micro glitters and dies.  

It was kind of cool to invite everyone into my workspace to play. 

And since I've only been in this new space for a few months...I loved getting to share it with my friends at the "Edge." 

What you don't see in any of these photos are the amazing water views I have from every window...the river right outside my windows is a never ending source of inspiration. 

I loved getting to show everyone how using Stick It can make gluing even the most intricate die cuts in place a breeze.  

And this was really cool...the Vice President of my local bank popped in for a visit...come to find out, she's a lifelong friend of one my best crafting buddies...it really is a small world.  

Naturally, I had a few Halloween decorations out...like a doll head under a cloche...creepy and elegant at the same time. 


I loved sharing my creative space and some diecutting techniques with my friends at the "Edge." It was one of the things that made Art at the Edge really fun for me. 


  1. Great pics and memories from your first event. X

  2. Looks GREAT! Maybe next time I can join you...Hugs