Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Art at the Edge...A Behind the Scenes Look

Art at the Edge has come and gone...we created some beautiful art and created lots of memories.  When I had the idea to create an art event in my sleepy little riverfront town, Newburgh, Indiana, I had no idea that we'd draw attendees from 12 states, some traveling long distances to attend. Here's a quick look at what we did at Art at the Edge...I'd never planned an event like this by myself before...it was really fun! 


We created 2 beautiful projects at Art at the Edge...an altered metal frame, 


and a beautifully embellished scrapbook.  


Although I provided the materials and supplies needed and the basic design for the projects, each student had the option to create their pieces to their own aesthetic...

It was amazing to see everyone add their touches to the projects. 

Since Newburgh is a rivertown, I thought it would be fitting to hold Art at the Edge at The Edgewater Grill.  We met in one of their beautiful river front dining rooms with panoramic views of the Ohio River.  The natural light in that room is wonderful...it was the perfect place to hold an art event. 

And really, I just wanted to use this post to tell the story in pictures...we had an amazing day. '

Here I'm with some of my crafting friends from St. Louis.  We've been friends for years and I was really honored that they came. 

I had quite a few special guests at Art at the Edge...my cousin Charlotte came.  We're very much alike, she is an amazing crafter, she loves geneology and she's a gardener too...It was great to see her there. 

 My parents were very helpful throughout the event...they even helped me pack class kits and sort paper...I am very thankful for them. 

And just at the end of the day, my little brother and his family popped in for a visit.  I am glad they came, my nieces and nephew were able to help Art at the Edge attendees carry their tools, supplies and finished projects out to their cars.  

One of my favorite things about Art at the Edge...during our event, the town Halloween parade went by...and our town band (Called the Old Dam Band) played...

We went outside on the veranda to listen to the band and to watch the trick or treaters parade by.


At the end of the day, as Art at the Edge was drawing to a close, we were treated to one of those wonderful sunsets over the Ohio...the sunsets in our neck of the woods are spectacular!

I hope everyone who came had a wonderful time, and would like to thank everyone again...it seems like everybody liked Art at the Edge...a lot!  I am already planning for next year!


  1. Wonderful photos which summed up what looked to be a wonderful weekend. I loved seeing the photos of everyone's creations as well as all the fun of the weekend as a whole. Seriously need to start saving so I can be there next year!!

    1. Hi Paula, we had a great time for sure...we had lots of great artists, fun things to make, the meals at The Edgewater were awesome...we had gorgeous fall weather, and beautiful sunsets over the river. I'd love it if you came next year!

  2. wonderful memories to treasure of a fun fabulous event..can't wait for "shhh...you know what"...hugs kath xxx

  3. Ken - I so wish I could've travelled to this! Besides being able to craft with you I would have definitely learned something new! I hope someday to win millions so I can shadow you and learn from the best! Great photos, and your town looks awesome!

    1. Thank you Jenny, I hope you can join us at an event sometime...that would be awesome. The town where I live is pretty special and I think everyone who came to the "Edge" would agree. :)

  4. Love your projects! I need to know when the next dates are!