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Friday, November 27, 2015

Color Burst Wood Pallet Sign

Creative Team member Tracy Pounds has shared an amazing 'off the page' Color Burst project with us today.  It's genius!!


Tracy says:

" I used this amazing Sunflower stencil from The Crafters Workshop. I would love to share the process with you.

Here are the items that you will need: Color Burst (colors shown below), Wood Pallet Sign (available at the LBH), stencil of your choice, water bottle with mister, clear spray sealer

Miss Tracy's How To:
First lay the stencil on the pallet sign wherever you desire.


 Next begin sprinkling on the powders - carefully sprinkle desired colors in desired areas. It's okay to use more than one color....in one area. It will look something like this as you add the pigment powders....



Next, simply spray over the powders with your water mister....If you happen to be vertically challenged like me ( I'm a shorty), stand up for this step. Move your hand in a forward motion while spraying and be sure to "Spray like you mean it" ...no dribbling water....you want a strong, fine mist. Once you have sprayed, immediately lift off the stencil....and LOOK at the RESULT!!! It's like MAGIC!!!

I used my heat tool to dry and then to protect my beautiful Sunflower (after the wood was completely dry), I sprayed it with a clear sealer to protect my Color Burst Creation. Sealing it will also protect it from the elements if I decide to display outside. 

 I'm in love with the way it looks on the wood....I think it's incredible and I can't wait to create more Color Burst Creations on reclaimed wood surfaces! ...among other surfaces...my brain is churning around lots of idea...LoL!"

Thank you Tracy for sharing this inspiring tutorial. if you want to see more of Tracy's tutorial you can visit her blog at:


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I may have to steal this idea.. The wreath I keep on my door broke, so I need something to replace it. ^_^ ♥♥♥

    1. Shari-- Go for it! You will love it and it would look great on a front door :))))

  2. I love sun flowers and this one is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this amaing project!

    1. Thanks Denise :)))) I love this stencil from TCW

  3. Love this! It would also make a wonderful gift. :o)

  4. This is gorgeous!! I love seeing new ways of using Color Bursts!

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