Friday, September 5, 2014

Art at the Edge and Sweet Emotions Soaptions & Potions...

I just spent a few minutes with Amber, the store owner at Sweet Emotions Soaptions & Potions, and wow is she excited about Art at the Edge in October! 
When you come to Newburgh, Indiana for Art at the Edge you are going to want to spend some time with her!

She just opened this summer and her shop is amazing!  She hand makes soaps, lotions, fizzy balls and all sorts of cool stuff...all right here in Newburgh at her shop!   

And during Art at the Edge, she'll have demo tables set up so you can experiment and learn how to create your own custom blended soaps and's going to be fun. 

And she'll offer special discounts especially for anyone who is at the event. 

I love the fact that this really cool shop is 2 doors down the street from me...I can pop in at a moment's notice for a little fix! 

Her products are all natural...


and made by hand.

And she has some cool vintage pieces and antiques at the shop too...

So make sure this is on your "to do" list when you're in town for Art at the Edge...


It will be a real treat! 
For more information about Art at the here or
visit the sidebar at the right of the page.  There's still time to sign up...but only a handful of seats still available.  I hope to see you there!

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