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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Color Burst with Gold Resist Canvas

Kimberly Jones shares with us a great resist technique today.  The effect is stunning and so easy to do.  

Kimberly says:

I spotted these gold resist canvases at Joann's last week and I immediately knew they they would be a perfect match for Color Burst!

I spritzed the larger canvas with water, sprinkled on Merlot and Violet Color Burst Powders, and then spritzed again with water. Look at those gorgeous pools of color! To reveal the gold blossoms, simply wipe away the excess watercolor with a soft cloth or paper towel.

For the two smaller canvases I created a wash with a generous sprinkle of Ultramarine Blue Color Burst and some water. I like to mix the wash in a porcelain dish because I can set it aside and reactivate the watercolor later even if it has dried.

For more information check out my blog here.

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