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Friday, March 7, 2014

Mixed Media Canvas-ICE Resin Paper and Vintage Images

This is a "Friday Flashback" of a previous post...it's a mixed media canvas from a couple years ago.  
I like how the elements of this piece work together.  

I used a few vintage postcards and images, papers coated with ICE Resin, and a few found objects, 

to create a mixed media canvas that recalls a seaside vacation.  When lightly applied to paper, ICE Resin gives paper a translucent, glowing look. 

I liked this one so much, just wanted to bring it out again...partially because I'm thinking about a vacation at the beach too.  

Thank you for stopping by today!



  1. Very Nice! Thanks for sharing with us! It is a nice piece. A vacation at a beach sounds like a perfect thing! Any place nice & warm that is not this cold & snowy long winter we are having!

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