Monday, December 9, 2013

Vintage Handmade Cards with Craft Attitude

Hi there, thank you for stopping by today, it's my turn on the Craft Attitude Blog Hop.  I was really excited to add some "attitude" to vintage handmade cards.

Since I knew the Craft Attitude film was transparent, I knew it would give me the opportunity to add texture and visual interest behind whatever I chose to work with.  I chose to reproduce some original collage pieces I'd created earlier this year.  The originals have embossed copper backgrounds, and dimensional pieces that are kind of bulky to use as cards. I've never reproduced any collage piece I've created so I knew I'd get to explore some new techniques.  Using the Quilt Attitude would allow me to transfer my scanned images onto an antique linen napkin, thus adding a linen texture behind my collage image.

I used the Flip Pal Mobile Scanner to scan my original collage pieces.

Then printed the scanned images onto Quilt Attitude film. Applied the film to antique linen, as the package directed...

You can see where the linen texture is visible through the transparency of the Quilt Attitude Film.  I like the texture it added when I reproduced the collages and applied them to linen.  It looks like the image is printed on a canvas.

To create the cards, I die cut the linen with Spellbinders Grand Calibur machine and Spellbinders Card Creator Die Templates.

To create the card bases, I recycled and die cut manila file folders; It's a cool way to reuse something that is still usable.  
Working with Craft Attitude on this project was really let me digitally reproduce a 3-D collage to create a 2-D card...and let me alter the original image by transferring it to antique linen...the texture is great behind the collage image.  

Thank you again for stopping by today on the Craft Attitude Blog Hop...I loved using the products and I see lots of possibilities with Quilt Attitude...handmade fabric Christmas ornaments, fabric gift bags, photo throw pillows...

You'll want to see how everyone else has used Craft Attitude too.

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til next time, stay inspired,


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